IOT - Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is online and connected physical devices, vehicles, consumer electronics, cargo and other items. These devices are embedded with smart chips, sensors, actuators with network connectivity that enable them to be controled via apps and cloudservices.

Experts estimate that the IoT-market will consist of almost 50 billion units by 2020.

Our cloudservices

You get our apps and cloudservices for free when you buy our products. No expensive monthly fees. You buy the product, register in the cloud service and connect the product. Then you are good to go.

Our servers and infrastructure is of course both secure and scalable by load and traffic.

Event handling

In our cloudservices you can set up your devices by events.

There is several preset events but you can also create your own. Here is some examples of events that can be combined with our products.

  • Alarm on
  • Alarm off
  • Sunrize
  • Sunset
  • Temperature below 18º Celsius
  • Motion sensor activated
  • Time activated event, for example "Evening"
  • Arriving at home
  • Livningroom door is opened

Then you set your device to a specific event or scene. E.g. on sunset turn on outdoor lights.

Grouping of devices

You can group or associate devices with eachother so that they will perform the same function together. For example if you have a socket plug with a floor lamp. You can than group it with a wallswitch and wil than be able to control both floor lamp and ceiling with the wall switch.

Turn on a complete floor with just one button or more or less whatever you prefer.

Scheduling and timers

Use our scheduling control to freely set up a how your devices should act. Set a socket as a timer when connected a coffemachine and let it always turn off after 15 minutes.

During weekedays you might want to turn on lights at 06.30 but not at all on weekends.

Security mode

When our security mode is activated you control your lights randomly. This deters and prevent burglary when you are not at home.

There is three different modes:

Day and night


24h, all day and night


View reports, historic data and diagrams. Backup handling of historic data.





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