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Formera Net offers a steadily growing range of services and products, which are always online in our smart apps or cloud services. Usually this is called the IoT, the Internet of Things.

We have own development of both hardware and software combined with generic products that we incorparate in our services.

We strongly believe that as a customer you want a complete solutions for your IoT-devices. You don´t want tons of apps for different things like GPS-trackers, heater, lightning, leds, sockets etc.

Our goal is to provide a complete online solution and our apps and cloudservices will not be based on expensive monthly fees.


In our cloudservices you can setup advance event handling and keep track of your devices.

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Our cameras is of utmost quality with competitive market price. User our APP FormeraViewer as a good base for your home automation and safety.


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GPS Tracking

Keep track of your car or boat with our GPS-tracking system. Or keep an extra eye on your kids.

Event automation like turn on the outdoor lights when arriving at home.

As a company you have full stats and status of all your vehicles.


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Home automation

Automatically open the garage door when arriving or get a push message about the garage door that has been open longer than normal.

Turn of the outdoor lights when the sun goes down and never worry about changing your timers again. Automatically turn of the iron when the alarm is set on.

You can control your heating from wherever you are or by schedule. Use your tablet or mobile app to turn on the heat in the summer house well in time before you arrive.

Are you in need of control the humidity level. Use our SocketPlug as a hygrostat and control a dehumidifier automatically.

There is plenty of Smart Solutions. IoT and Online products is fun, contact us about your need and we will help you.


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