FAQ - How do I handle the alarm settings in FormeraViewer?


How do I turn the camera alarm/alert on and off with FormeraViewer?.

Start FormeraViewer. Click on "About" and press the "Generell" meny. Below image is visable in the APP. Choose the cameras you wish to activate or inactivate the alert function on.


Where do I adjust the motionsensor settings?

In FormeraViewer, activate your camera you wish to adjust. Click on the gear, see below image. Choose "Alert" meny.

Set alarm via schema, sensitivity and trigger interval.

faq-cam-alert faq-cam-alert faq-cam-alert

How do I adjust the settings for the soundsensor and IO-settings?

Start up your camera in FormeraViewer. Click on the gear, see below image. Press "Alert" meny. Choose "Sound detection or IO detection."

You can also set the detection mode by calander, click sensitivity level trigger time. Try testing with different settings until you find what suits your need best.

There is also a possibility to connect the camera via IO for external devices. Read the manual for this.

faq-cam-alert faq-cam-alert faq-cam-alert



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