FAQ - Touch Switch / Wall Switch.

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Can i connect my touchswitch to my network without the APP?

YES, Connect your mobile or PC to your TouchSwitchs AP, Access Point. In the image below it is shown as Formera13062600. The Name always starts with Formera...... Click on the AP and wait a while until your connected.

When connected browse to Than choose network settings. Find your network in the list, set password and press Update.

ap-mode ap-mode

How can I reset the wallswitch?

Press the left button in atleast 10 seconds (it starts to blink). This will force the switch to FactorySettings.

Than the device is now again in AP-mode and gets IPno

How to acces the WebUI adn configuration portal?

Your TouchSwitch has a built in webinterface where you make both simple and advance settings.

As default the device is set on automatic IPno (DHCP). You get the IPno in your router as attached devices.

With ipno/index.htm you will browse directly to the configuration portal, e.g.

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