No expensive monthly fees

Build your home security and safety with our high quality cameras, without monthly fees.

The app and cloudservice is free, just buy a camera and your ready to go.

Formera X1

Indoor camera with 1080P and 120º wide angle view. Wifi and night vision and built in MicroSD slot.

Alert message via push and 2-way audio is some of the excellent features of this little camera.

Mounting directly on the wall or placed on a table or bench.


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Formera X2

Indoor camera with PTZ feature. PTZ is PanTiltZoom which means allows you to control your camera sideways with FormeraViewer.You can set panning in 355º and tilt upto 120º.

Nightvison and 2way-audio. Alert function on motion, sound or I/O with push messages to the APP.

It has builtin MicroSD slot for autimation of video recordings. Use wall stand or simply put on table or bench.


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Formera X3

IP66 waterproof WiFi outdoor camera. Compatible with ONVIF-embedded NVR/NAS.

H.264 video with amazing image and build quality. Night vison with sensor alert. You can also connect external micraphone and speaker for 2way audio.

Mount the camera on a wall, post or pillar. You can also add an waterproof junction box that is bought separatly.


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FormeraViewer is the App for the cameras. It is free and available for both iOS and Android.


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EZLink 3 steps setup

You install your camera in three simple steps.

Unpack and power up your camera

Download FormeraViewer and scan the QR-code

Add your camera

Usage and application

There are several usage area for our cameras where you can boost your safety and security. Use them in your warehouse or keep an extra eye on your car. Put a camera in the office and let the cam send alert after working hours.

Watch your house, children or garden. Watch your summerhouse from your tablet. Is the boat secure, is the garagedoor open? Get a message whn your kids arrive from school and talk to them through the camera.

Keep track on your pets while you are not there. Communicate with elderly with both video and audio.

It is also possible to integrate with ONVIF NVR/NAS compatible devices.

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Specification and featuers



Here you can download our flyer or datasheet for the cameras.

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