You get our socketplugs in some variations. Soon we release our brand new insert relay with sensor support that can be used behind existing wall mounted sockets. We also plan to release wall sockets and much more.

Event handling

Use our cloudservice to connect your devices and bind them to events that will trigger state.

We have some preset events that you can use, but you can also create your own.

Here are some examples

  • Alarm on
  • Alarm off
  • Sunrize
  • Sunset
  • Temperature below 18º
  • Motion sensor activated
  • Time activated event, e.g "In the evening"
  • Arrival at house
  • The boat is moved

Scheduling and timers

Use your socket as a timer or time counter. Use it for the PlayStation as a maximum of 1 hour. Or automaticly turn off your iron after 15 min.

Scheduling can also be used to control a specific socket during weekends.

We also have a special security mode where your sockets will act randomless.


You can also connect sensors to some of our models. This will increase functionality.

If you connect a thermometer sensor to the socket it is possible to use it as a thermostat. You can than use it to control a heater per room temperature. Since you also will have a temperature event you can use that to trigger other devices too.

If you add a thermometer/humidity sensor you also get the hygrostat feature and can be used to control a dehumidifier

With a motion sensor you can use it to keep track on motion and send a push message to the APP when event occur.





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