WallSwitch / TouchSwitch.

WallSwitch / TouchSwitch

Despite the fact that our TouchSwitch is of utmost quality it has a super design. Ofcurse also smart and app controlable.

You can of course use it with our other products. In standard they are either black or white 1-ways or 2-ways

Formera OneTouch

Formera OneTouch is a 1-way wallswitch. Controllable by our app or cloudservice.

Use it as a normal switch if you prefer.

Formera OneTouch

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Formera TwoTouch

Formera TwoTouch is a 2-way wallswitch. Controllable by our app or cloudservice.

If you prefer, use it manually as a normal switch. It will report back state to cloud and app.

Formera TwoTouch

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Formera OneTouchStairs

Formera OneTouchStairs is a 1-way wallswitch with stair function. Same features as OneTouch but for stairway lighting.

touch stairs

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A LED indicate the device state. Blue for off state and red for on. It also make the switch easier to find in the dark.

If you wish there is an option to turn off the led-lights. Can be used in a bedroom if yoy want complete darkness.

Security mode

When our security mode is activated you control your lights randomly. This deters and prevent burglary when you are not at home.

There is three different modes:

Day and night


24h, all day and night

Event handling

Use our cloudservice to connect your devices and bind them to events that will trigger state.

We have some preset events that you can use, but you can also create your own.

Here are some examples

  • Alarm on
  • Alarm off
  • Sunrize
  • Sunset
  • Temperature below 18º
  • Motion sensor activated
  • Time activated event, e.g "In the evening"
  • Arrival at house
  • The boat is moved

Scheduling and timers

Use scheduling to control your lights. When you are on vacation or away, turn on your lights according to your normal schedule to prevent against burglary.

Turn of lights in bathroom on timer after 15 min if its still on.

We also have a special security mode where your devices will act randomless.

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