GPS Trackers

There is some different types of trackers depending on your need of protection, tracking, documentation etc.

We have solutions for many needs but our trackers is also combinable with our other products to trigger events.

Our handheld devices is suitable for use in jacket, bag, container or trailer. Others are for mounting in vehicles like trucks, car motorcyle or boat.

Real time tracking map. Follow your cars and trucks and work anytime anywhere.

GPS Vehicle tracking and drivers log

Keep track on your drivers log with our electronic logger with automatically updating of positions. So no need to go each vehicles and manually check them.

Track position av your car, boat or other vehicle.

Use our system as a safety protection solution and get alerts if unusal movement alerts occur.

In realtime tracking...

Push messages

You can pre-define a route that your vehicle suppose to follow. Get alerts if it deviates.


Use our "sticker" that shows a hidden tracker, place it on boat engine or motorcyle if you like.

Trace valuable cargo

Put our handheld devices inside a package if you have valuable cargo you wish to trace during transportation.

Home automation

Turn on outdoor lights when your car arrives at home and open your garagedoor.

Why not lower temperature with 3 degrees when you leave. Send pushmessages if you forgot to close the garage door.

Keep track on your fuel economy, speed and lots of fun stats...

Connect your GPS to your vehicles control system and gather a bunch of statistics.

Use is primarily for companies but can be applied for private use.





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